bada creek 72x18" day 1 / by Philip Tarlow

i began this painting today. the title is a tribute to the 17th c. recluse chinese landscape painter, bada shanren.  this was the artistic name, or beihao he took on. it means mountain man of the eight greats. He is a major inspiration for Chinese painters of our time.

i've been using 7 of the pleine air paintings i did last fall as inspiration for these new studio paintings. if you take a look at the "new pleine air oils" page, under "current," you can trace the source for the energy, color and marks in these new pieces.

the collaged paper helps me break free of predictable solutions and moves and brings me closer to the original inspiration; the wild movement of the creek.

DAY 1:  bada creek  72x18"  

acrylic & collaged paper on canvas