11/8/13 lia creek 38x38" / by Philip Tarlow

11/8/13 unlike most of the previous paintings in this series, this one is based on one particular pleine air painting; the one i did yesterday. previously, i loosely drew from a number of pleine air paintings going back to last year's output. as you can see from the image below, today's painting is more like a jazz riff than an exact copy.

if you click on the images so that they fill your screen, you'll see in yesterday's pleine air painting that telltale juiciness and visceral, slippery sexuality only possible with oil. my opinion. i love them both, but when you paint in oil it's like using cream cheese in your cake recipe, instead of tofu; more toxic & messy, but far better tasting.

11/8/13 lia creek 38x38"  acrylic & collaged paper on canvas

 11/7/13 n. crestone creek   16x16" oil on linen