11/18-24/13 ciyu creek 38x38" / by Philip Tarlow

this will be the last in the series: n. crestone creek.

once this one is complete, i'll begin the process of cataloging, labeling and rolling the canvases to be shipped to houston. 

i really struggled with this one. perhaps i don't want to let go of painting even for a short time. i'll resume tomorrow.

make that 3 days later. while preparing the paintings for shipping next week i was motivated to work a bit more on ciyu creek. i'll see if i can find the time and inspiration to take it further.

11/24: today, a grey and cold day, while tweaking the canvases, labeling them & preparing for shipping, i was moved to work further on ciyu creek. i'm pleased with the result & will include with the rest of the paintings being shipped to houston. I feel it's a riff on my final 11/11 final pleine air painting of the season and a nod of the head to my paleolithic buddies.

11/25: after receiving 21" of fresh snow last night, i precariously made it over to my studio, continued packing preparations and, yes, dove back into ciyu.

STAGE 8: ciyu creek 38x38"

acrylic & collaged paper on canvas

11/11/13 n. crestone creek 16x16"

this plein air painting served as inspiration for ciyu creek

STAGE 7  completed painting



STAGE 4: ciyu creek 38x38"

acrylic & collaged paper on canvas