10/5th through 9th STAGES of Ni Creek 38x72" / by Philip Tarlow

10/5  i was in the mood today to do more than my usual sketchy first stage with lots of white space. 

10/6 not yet resolved, but close

10/7 maybe. i'll know in the morning. in person, it's way better, in part because of the scale of the painting. i feel i am edging ever closer to that illusive vision of a painting with the dream time of an aboriginal cave painting; the finesse of a matisse; the simplicity of a child's drawing; the draftsmanship of dekooning; the capacity of ancient chinese landscape painters to reflect the illusory nature of existence.....that's a big  vision! and it's what i aspire to.

10/8 that blue was bugging me. my eye kept going there at the expense of the rest of the painting. it was hard to let go of; i really loved that gestural explosion of blue, but it had to go. in person at least, the result now is that the eye moves from one event or passage to another as in a piece of music. it sings. this may be it. 

10/9 came in this morning & it still wasn't working; too busy. as you can see, it's become a horizontal. i'm going to call mikela & ask her to walk over to give her opinion with a pair of fresh eyes. 

usually, as soon as she walks in she either gives a big thumbs up or becomes thoughtful and begins pointing out the weaker areas. just now, it was the former.

if you go to the bio page, you'll find a section where i talk about the greek shadow theatre, karaghiozis, with a photo i took of one of the great practitioners, sotiris spatharis. this painting has elements of one of the cutout sets he made for the performances. the action would be taking place in the central white area. 

STAGE 9  10/9

STAGE 5  10/7

STAGE 8  10/8



STAGE 2: ni creek 38x72" acrylic on canvas