10/3/13 pleine air: n. crestone creek 16x16" / by Philip Tarlow

yesterday was a perfect day for pleine air; great temperature, clear sky. as the afternoon progressed, an approaching storm began showing up: the wind picked up and dark clouds appeared. 

i found a roll of portrait linen i'd been looking for, and this painting shows the results. how it takes the oil paint could best be described as delicious. the brush moves across the surface of the smooth textured portrait linen effortlessly and the absorbency is perfect.

the previous gap between the more descriptive pleine air oil paintings of 2012 and earlier and the larger abstracted, more ambiguous & suggestive  studio acrylics is slowly narrowing. have a look at the 2 details below, then click on the pleine air page and compare to 2012.

 10/3/13 n. crestone creek 16x16" oil on linen

detail of congyi creek 78x48"

detail of 10/3/13 n. crestone creek