10/25-11/2 yan creek revisited 48x78" / by Philip Tarlow

the original version was painted august 18th, 2013. as has occurred with some of the other paintings executed a few months ago, over time and as the work developed, i began feeling the need to go back in and revise. in this case, if you look at the previous version, i think the changes are for the better. there is a new richness of color, greater certainty in the marks and more improvisatory success in the way the space has been handled.

10/31/13 i was in a mood today. i danced between bouts of painting. in a departure from the rest of this series, i have left far less open breathing space. in person, this painting now has a more active, gestural energy than the others, but would not sit well on the same wall, as it must do next month in houston.

11/1/13 a lot of work went into stage 7 today. a result such as the zig zag green mark in the lower right quadrant is a good example of the elegant solution i envision for the whole painting. not that the rest of yan creek needs to look like that, but it needs to come from the crotch and burst forth from my brush in a visceral way. in other words, it ain't over yet. close? maybe.

11/2/13  simplified & turned on it's side, but needs more work. going out in an hour to paint pleine air….we have a window of mid-fifties warmth & sunshine. 

11/2/13  STAGE 9

11/1/13:  STAGE 7


10/31/13   STAGE 6

10/29/13:  STAGE 5

10/26/13 STAGE 3: yan creek 78x48" (revisited)

acrylic & collaged paper on canvas

10/26/13: STAGE 1

8/8/13: the original yan creek