10/19-29 lin creek 24x48" / by Philip Tarlow

i began work on lin creek yesterday, but neglected to photograph stage 1. worked extensively on it today. following on the heels of the shi creek revision, (10/17-18) this painting is more complex chromatically than the previous work.

10/21  when i came in & saw what i had done yesterday, it was clear i had been falling back on solutions i found in recent larger pieces. i was mindlessly repeating them. so i went back in, referring to the 22 recent pleine air paintings on my studio wall. what was becoming a "pretty" painting without a core suddenly became a compelling image and another step towards expanding and refining the visual language/shorthand i've been creating.  

10/29  after living living with lin creek for about a week, i began feeling it needed more breathing space.  


STAGE 4  10/29

STAGE 3   10/21


acrylic & collaged paper on canvas