10/11-13 STAGES of shen creek 78x48" / by Philip Tarlow

on a rare overcast day,  cold for this date i move into the final round of paintings leading up to the opening of my show, 12/12/13. didn't get enough sleep, so i'm going to stop for the day and start fresh in the morning.

10/12 i have worked into yesterday's swirls of color, creating shapes more suggestive of rocks and water. as yet, no paper has been laid down, but that's imminent. today is a clear day, albeit a bit nippy at 49 F. nonetheless,  i'll be venturing out to paint at n. crestone creek this afternoon.

10/13  in a good space for working on this painting today and energized by yesterday's adventure at the creek, i brought this one to a place of simplicity that allows the viewer to dive into the space..... 

there are high winds today, which will likely make it challenging to venture out to the creek. 

yesterday was yaktoberfest here in crestone. there was music, belly dancing, food and 3 baby yaks available for petting. see pic below.

STAGE 4, detail

STAGE 3  10/12

STAGE 4  10/13

STAGE 1  shen creek 78x48"

acrylic on canvas

STAGE 2  10/12

petting a baby yak at yaktoberfest yesterday

petting a baby yak at yaktoberfest yesterday