reviewing recent work / by Philip Tarlow

in reviewing my recent paintings, several developments in the evolution of the work are emerging.

right now, at 10am, i really want to get to work on a new piece. so i'll pick this up later in the day. for now, lets just say the obvious new elements are:

transition from oil to acrylic to accommodate my recent adoption of the the technique of collaging paper to the canvas, usually over a painted surface. since the neutral ph glue is water based, it will not adhere properly over oil paint.

As a result, a layered surface is developing, which serves my psychological typology of "random abstract." the shapes created by the torn or cut pieces of paper are unpredictable in how they will eventually interact with each other and the painted surface the are masking or serving as as surface for. it's all up to my sensibility; my sense of rightness and resolution.

I owe a debt of gratitude to ron gremillion for his sometimes not so gentle admonitions and suggestions. these have been mostly about scanning the surface for any marks that are irrelevant, any places where the eye gets stuck. these simple suggestions have immeasurably improved my work.

a good example are recent developments in rocky creek, below. look at the black mark in the center and at the top of the 2:15pm stage of rocky creek. in the most recent stage, 3:05 pm, that mark, which was stopping my eye from moving freely over the canvas, was "pushed back" with a thin layer of white. or the blue & red marks on the rock shape in the lower quadrant of the painting, in the center. they have been "papered over," and as a result the painting has gained in coherence. the upper left passage, which was somewhat muddled, has been resolved.

thanks ron.

more later....