january 11, 2013: creek with wind / by Philip Tarlow

today i worked on a new painting, creek with wind. i was feeling constrained by the previous painting, autumn creek, which was becoming too literal.

i am beginning to understand that one level of "abstraction" occurs naturally when i am painting pleine air & have no time to think about what i'm doing and mind mind gets out of the way. another stage or level of abstraction can occur in the studio, where there is greater opportunity to experiment with colors, collaged elements, scraping, etc.

i felt so freed up today once i chose not to look at some of the pleine air paintings i did this past fall and use them as a reference. i was able to return to that feeling of play and discovery i so treasure as a new element in my work.

creek with wind  1/2013

78x15"  acrylic & collaged paper on canvas