12.29.12 back in the studio / by Philip Tarlow

back in the studio after 5 weeks of travel in texas & nyc. more to come about what we saw. for now, here's what i'm working on today. i'm using acryllic to see if i can work with it, so that, if i decide to use paper collaged over painting as i've been doing, the water based glue will adhere better to the surface.

below that is the 4th panel of a 4 panel commission for a client who will house her extensive collection of pins from the '08 athens olympic games in a custom built cabinet with 4 panels, which when opened will reveal the entire collection. more images once the commission is complete and the cabinet assembled. this painting was completed yesterday and shipped to houston, where it will be mounted on the wooden panel and join the other 3 for final assembly.

12.29.12 after Las Meninas 14x78in-acryllic on canvas

olympic pins commission, 4th panel

oil & paper collage on linen, 30x11"